Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, mommy and Nick drove to Henry's house. Nick was so happy! He wore one of his Santa hats and he had a big smile on his face!

We drove in the car for a long time. When we got to Henry's house it was dark. Grammy was already there waiting, and she gave Nick a big hug and a kiss when Nick walked in the door.

Henry showed Nick his new room. He told mommy and Nick he was going to sleep on the floor in his mom and dad's room so we could sleep in his bed. He asked Nick if he wanted to sleep on the top or the bottom, but Nick did not say any words.

Then it was dinner time. Grammy made potato pancakes to have with dinner.

We all sat down at the table to have dinner. Henry made everyone Christmas trees with our names so we would know where to sit at the table. We all had ham and potato pancake. Well, not Nick. He ate pizza from Gino's, mommy brought the pizza all the way from Long Beach.

After dinner, Aunt Stefani said "I have a surprise. We are all going to make ginger bread houses together." We had to put icing on the pieces to make the walls stick together. Then Henry and Nick spread color icing on the top and put candy to decorate them.

In the nighttime, Nick and grammy cuddled on the couch together.

When it was time for bed, Nick decided he wanted to sleep on the bottom bed, so mommy had to sleep on the top. Mommy told Nick, "tomorrow is Christmas day, there will be presents under the tree."

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