Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nick at Nick's

Last Saturday, mommy and Nick went to New York City.

We went to Columbus Circle and met grammy, then we all walked the paths through Central Park.

We saw people skating at the ice rink.

And we saw ducks swimming in the lake.

Then we went to grammy's house and Nick played computer. Then we all went to a restaurant called Nick's.

Mommy and grammy ordered a big pizza, but Nick would not eat any of the pizza. He did like looking out the window at the buildings and stores and people walking by. When we left mommy said, "thank you for doing good sitting and quiet voice, you were such a good boy in the restaurant!"

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grammy said...

I had a wonderful day with Nick in Central Park we held hands and did alot of walking. Thank you for sharing your day in the city with grammy.