Monday, December 21, 2009

Nick's Christmas Tree - 2009

On Saturday, when Nick woke up, mommy said, "there is no AHRC today because it is going to snow. Instead we will go to buy our Christmas tree."

Nick was so happy. He helped mommy take the boxes of lights and ornaments down from the attic. When Nick opened the box he found his Santa hats. Nick loves to wear his Santa hats at Christmas time.

This is Nick dancing around in the snow.

McKenzie came with us to pick out our tree. This is Nick and McKenzie in front of the tree we picked out.

When we got home Nick helped carry the tree into the house.

Mommy and McKenzie put the lights on the tree, and then Nick helped with the ornaments.

When we were all done we looked at the beautiful tree we made.

Nick was so happy!

He was laughing, jumping around and screeching his voice.

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