Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nick at Hick's

Today, mommy and Nick went to Hick's Nurseries. We go there all year round. We visit the Spring Flower Show in March. In the summer we buy flowers for our garden. In October we visit the fall festival, and in December we visit the Holiday Displays.

Mommy and Nick walked all around. There were lots of kids there today, everyone likes to visit Hick's at Christmas time.

Nick especially liked the big snowman and he went back to visit it several times.

Then we went to the cafe. Mommy asked Nick if he wanted anything to eat. Nick said "gingerbread boy," so mommy gave Nick money to buy the gingerbread boy cookie.

Then we saw a big line of kids. They were waiting to see Santa. Mommy asked Nick if he wanted to see Santa and Nick said, "yes."

We waited on line and then it was Nick's turn. Santa said, "what's your name?" Nick said, "Nick." Santa said, "what do you want for Christmas?" Nick did not say any words.

Mommy said, "Nick has lots of toys and movies and a computer that he loves. Maybe he has everything he needs."

Santa said, "well Nick, if you change your mind you let me know."

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grammy said...

I can't believe I missed my trip to Hicks with Nick. Glad you had a good time seeing santa. Will see you next week in Mass. for christmas. love you