Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bye Bye Tree, Hello Snow!

Last Sunday, when daddy and Nick went out the car, Nick came home and found that mommy put the Christmas tree outside. Nick was upset, he tried to pick up the tree and put it back in the house. Mommy told Nick we only have a tree in December, in January the tree is all gone. Nick came in the house and cried because he wanted the tree back in the house. He said words like "Merry Christmas", "Christmas tree" and "branches." Daddy put the tree on the porch so Nick could see it out the window.

The tree has been outside on the porch all week. On Saturday, when mommy and Nick came home from AHRC it was snowing. Nick loves the snow and did not go inside, he stayed outside the house and played for a little while. Mommy took this picture of Nick and his tree in the snow.
But Nick is sneaky. When mommy was carrying bags from the trunk of the car into the house Nick tried to pick up the tree and bring it inside. Mommy said "what are you doing?" Nick said "tree house." Mommy reminded Nick that the tree stays outside and we put it back on the porch.

Nick said "bye bye tree" and went inside to play computer.

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