Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Google Maps Master

Nick loves the computer. And Nick loves buildings and looks at buildings on the computer all the time. At first Nick could find them from his Real Estate Magazines, but then Nick learned how to type words in Google to find his favorite buildings in Long Beach and New York City.

But Nick has learned something new. Nick has found Google Maps, and he can start in our town and follow the parkways to take him to other places, then he can zoom in to look at those places on the computer.

Last month mommy and grammy and Nick went in the car to celebrate Christmas at Henry's house. When we were on Rt. 95 Nick remembered the exit ramp that mommy used to take to grammy's old building. Grammy has not lived there for three years but Nick remembered and told mommy "turn! turn!" when he saw the exit ramp. Mommy explained that we could not go that way, it is grammy's old house and we cannot go into that building anymore.

But Nick remembers the way to this building. One day Nick brought mommy to his computer, and showed her that he had used Google Maps to find a picture of grammy's old building.

He even found the pizza shop where we used to eat dinner together.

Mommy was so surprised! When we used to drive to grammy's we were in the car for one hour. On Google Maps Nick had to follow a lot of roads and a bridge to find what he was looking for.

We printed the pictures and Nick cut them out and taped them to the wall.

Mommy always calls Nick a backseat driver, but now mommy knows that Nick is really paying attention when we are in the car!


Laser Plumb Bob said...

"Maps, that's where I like to look
Maps, you know, I'd rather read a map than a book" - from "Maps", a lost song by RipMops (, an old Hippy friend of mine. So true, I love maps! Nick could get into online maps and never come out.
- Uncle Bob

Nicole said...

Nick! You're so smart! What a great memory and researching skills you have. Love, Aunt Nicole