Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nick's Shopping List

On Friday, Nick and his class took their monthly trip to the supermarket. Mommy tells his teacher things he should buy. Then at school, Nick cuts out pictures of the food and makes a list. When they go to the store, Nick puts the food in his shopping cart and checks them off. Then he waits on line and pays for the food with money.

On Friday, Nick had to buy oranges, pear, raspberry and flowers for Mommy.

This is the list that Nick made in school.

And these are the beautiful flowers that Nick picked out.

Mommy told Nick "you picked out tulips, they are my favorite flowers." Then mommy cut the stems and put the flowers in water. The next day we had raspberries and oranges with our breakfast thanks to the good job that Nick did shopping!

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Nicole said...

What pretty flowers you bought Mommy, Nick! Great job shopping!

Love, Aunt Nicole