Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time for a Haircut

On Saturday, there was no school and no AHRC. Mommy told Nick he will go to school in two days. Nick said "mommy, no school."

Then mommy and Nick went in the car. Nick's hair is very long and mommy said it is time for a haircut, so we went to the Barber Shop. Nick waited in the chair and read a Long Beach newspaper until the barber called him to the chair.

Nick did a good job sitting in the chair. He got a buzz cut, and all his hair fell onto the floor. Nick likes to feel the spikes of his hair with his hands. That night Nick took a shower and he put on mommy's white bathrobe. He was looking in the mirror and mommy said "do you like your haircut?" and Nick said "haircut."

Then mommy clipped Nick's fingernails and showed him how to put lotion on his face and legs. Mommy said we have to take care of ourselves as we get big. Mommy said "now you are clean and handsome and ready to go back to school," and Nick of course, said "mommy, no school."

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