Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday in Long Beach

On Friday night mommy told Nick there would be no AHRC the next day. Nick looked sad, he likes to go to AHRC to play.

So on Saturday mommy took Nick to places in Long Beach. Nick showed mommy he found pictures of Park Avenue on Google Maps, and he found a picture of the Laurel Luncheonette, so mommy took Nick there for lunch. We sat at a table and Nick looked around the restaurant. When mommy asked Nick what he wanted to eat Nick said "bagel." We sat at the table and ate lunch together. When we were done Nick paid for lunch with money. Then we went to another new place.

We went to the Long Beach Ice Arena. There were big boys playing a game called ice hockey. We watched from the floor and Nick said to mommy "stairs," so we walked high up into the chairs until we were at the top. We could see the whole ice rink and we watched the game together. Nick did not do good sitting or quiet voice but no one noticed because it was very loud. Nick liked when all the people jumped up and said "yay!"

Then we went outside and Nick wanted to play in the park. It was very cold outside and the sun was going down and it was getting dark. Mommy told Nick he could play for five minutes. There was snow on the slides and it was not easy to play so Nick went to the swing. We got too cold very fast and had to run to the car to get warm.

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Nicole said...

Wow! There's still lots of snow there, Nick. You look like you love to play in the snow....
Love, Aunt Nicole