Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bye Bye Christmas Tree

It is January, the Christmas season is done.  Mom has been telling Nick we will put the tree outside on January 4, 2014.

This morning we looked at all the blog postings from the past, it reminded Nick that the tree has to go outside in January.


Then we took one last picture of the tree.  Mom got the storage boxes down from the attic and took off the ornaments and the lights.

Nick sat on the couch and watched mom work, he did not have a happy face.
Then mom put the tree outside.  Thanks to the snow the tree is standing up, still looking like a beautiful Christmas tree.

At night Nick printed pictures of the tree and showed them to mom.  Nick said, "Christmas tree in December."  Mom said, "that's right, the tree will be back in December."


Nicole said...

there's always next year, nick! happy new year! Stay warm and enjoy the snow.
aunt nicole

Grammy said...

Nicolw ia right christmas will be back next year in the meantime Valentine day is next month.

Grammy said...

Sorry about the spelling fingers on the wrong keys.